• Materials Available

    Materials Available


    We can combine a range of different materials to your exact specification to produce a vast range of possible insulated products.



    The main conductor used is copper. We can supply this in thicknesses from 0.05mm to 2.0mm . Most applications are in Soft copper C101/CW004A supplied in reel form although other copper specifications are available. We can supply these in any style in widths of 5mm upwards and in some styles even narrower than that. The maximum width we can insulate is 300mm.


    Other Materials

    We also supply insulated foil using stainless steel, aluminum, brass and mu-metal for some applications. Again these can be in a number of different styles.



    Each of the above can be insulated with a variety of insulating materials. These can be supplied in the standard thicknesses, in a variety of different styles and also as adhesive backed or not as your application requires

    The insulation is often defined by temperature rating. The following are are most commonly used: Polyester for Class B (130C), Nomex for Class F (180C) and Kapton for Class H (200C).


    We can manufacture as little as one reel to your requirements combining many of the materials above.

    Variations combining materials we hold in stock can be produced on very short delivery times.


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