We are a company specialising in the manufacture and supply of high quality unlaminated or laminated metallic foils and strips.


    Our customers have found applications for our products in many industries including power conversion, telecommunications, automotive, high end audio and inductive loop systems.


    We primarily manufacture metal foils laminated with an insulator and these are made to order to suit customers requirements for use as conductors or for screening purposes.


    View the Product Styles page to see some examples of the configurations we can produce.


    View the Materials Available page to see the materials and insulators available.

  • Services

    Copper Screen Products

    We offer two products most suited to wound copper screens. HP02 for

    narrower applications and HP26 for wider ones.

    The HP02 uses two pieces of adhesive insulator the HP26 uses an insulator wrapped around and secured on the top

    Copper Foil With Partial Wrap

    The HP04 range of products is foil partially covered with an adhesive insulating tape of your choice.

    The insulation is applied to one side and wraps around onto the other, to insulate adjacent or subsequent windings.

    Adhesive Backed Copper Foil

    The HP10 range of products
    is copper foil with an adhesive
    backing on one side, supplied in reel form.

    They are ideal for applying
    screening to electronic products.

    Induction Loop Products

    We manufacture flat insulated foil for the induction loop industry.

    We stock industry standard
    sizes, typically 19 x 0.1mm. And can also make non standard widths, thicknesses or length to order, all in short timescales.

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